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Introduction to MAD Incubator


MAD Incubator is South East Asia’s leading and largest private Business Incubation company. Formed in 2009, MAD Incubator is an MSC Status Accredited Incubator. MAD Incubator specializes in incubation programs from ideation to business venture and business acceleration. Its mission is to develop 10,000 entrepreneurs in South East Asia by 2020 and have every entrepreneurs equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and know-how to navigate their business challenges.

For the last seven (7) years since 2009, MAD has nurtured and developed more than 500 new entrepreneurs across the South East Asia. It wants to democratize entrepreneurship by making entrepreneur assistance and incubation affordable for all entrepreneurs through MAD’s high value quality programs, mentoring, coaching and handholding services, as well as business facilities, networking opportunities, training workshops, facilitation on funding access, etc. For the past few years, MAD Incubator has worked out the following initiatives:


(a) The Game of Entrepreneurship – A group coaching cum incubation program designed for 3 levels of entrepreneurship: Entrepreneur Readiness (GoE Level 1), Acceleration (GoE Level 2), Growth (GoE Level 3) and Expansion (GoE Level 4), to target entrepreneurs from different business stages. This program started in year 2012.


(b) IdeationLab – A 3-months program developed to help entrepreneurs to realize their business ideas into business venture.


(c) IncubationLab – A 6-months program developed to help entrepreneurs in hatching their ideas, building their ventures to early product commercialisation.


(d)  MAD TechVentures – Started in 2010, MAD TechVentures is a product launching platform to assist technopreneurs in gaining more market exposure and increase brand awareness. It is also a pitching platform since entrepreneurs are required to showcase and pitch their products to investors, buyers, media and other entrepreneurs.


(e) D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase – BizStart Showcase is the largest business startup show in Malaysia. Each year more than 3000 startup entrepreneurs converge for two days of learning, knowledge acquisition, business network building and business matching. D.A.R.E BizStart Showcase is also a great platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and businesses; creating a big community of business startups in Malaysia that supports and leverage on each entrepreneur.


(f) Technopreneur Open Day (TOD) – MAD Incubator’s flagship quarterly program featuring the latest updates on MAD Incubator and its incubation programs, entrepreneurs and industry.



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