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About MAD

Introduction to MAD Incubator


The MAD Group is the largest business incubation group in South East Asia. Founded in 2009 by Andrew Wong, an internationally recognised business venture developer, incubation manager, serial entrepreneur with over 22 years of entrepreneurial experience and  an angel investor. The MAD Group offers a diverse suite of incubation programs from ideation, startup to growth and expansion; and entrepreneurial assistance ranging from business support, market access and funding access. It is also an MSC Status Accredited Incubator.

Since its inception, MAD has developed more than 3000 entrepreneurial ventures in various fields of technology and non-technology businesses. Our mission is to develop 10,000 entrepreneurs in South East Asia by 2030 and have every entrepreneur equipped with the tools, skills, knowledge and know-how to navigate their business challenges. 

MAD wants to democratize entrepreneurship by making entrepreneur assistance and incubation affordable for all entrepreneurs through MAD’s high value quality programs, mentoring, coaching and handholding services, as well as business facilities, networking opportunities, training workshops, facilitation on funding access, etc. 

Our philosophy is simple:

  1. Everyone can be an entrepreneur
  2. Entrepreneurs can succeed if given the right resources and mentorship
  3. We are the extra-man in the team
  4. Execution is key

“I don’t want our entrepreneurs to go through what I have gone through before. I went into the Valley of Death and fortunately, I came out alive to live to tell the tale.”

Andrew Wong

Today, MAD’s presence and entrepreneurship philosophy has spread across Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Portugal.

All incubation programs are directly under Andrew’s purview. He takes a passionate interest in helping all entrepreneurs under the MAD Group. He started his first business in 1997 and spent his 7 darkest years in the “Valley of Death” until 2004. In 2005, he started the MCA ICT Resource Centre and soon after, started his first business incubator, MIRC Incubator; and two venture capital funds – StarIT and Technopreneur Management Fund. In 2009, he left MIRC to start MAD Incubator. Since then, Andrew has started or consulted 18 incubators around the region and has worked with more than 3000 entrepreneurs over 13 years in the business incubation industry. He has invested in 3 venture startups, exited in 2 startups over the last 2 years. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Simon Fraser University, Canada and an MBA from Charles Sturt University. He is the entrepreneur-in-residence at MAD Incubator and a mentor in ANJE Accelerator (Portugal), Palawan International Technology Business Incubator (Philippines) and CEOWorld (Europe). 

Through his own experience, guidance, incubation methodology and business network, MAD has achieved a 95% success rate in creating sustainable business ventures.

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About The Founder

Andrew Wong (Venture Builder, Incubator Manager, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor)

  • CEO/Founder MAD Incubator & MAD Capital
  • CEO/Co-Founder, E3Hubs Sdn Bhd
  • Co-Founder, ScaleUp
  • Current – business mentor at MAD Incubator, ANJE Accelerator, Palawan ITBI and CEOWorld. 
  • 20 years of business experience in 12 countries – Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, U.S, Portugal, China, South Korea, India.
  • Started and/or owned 18 business incubators
  • Owned MSC Status Incubator with tax breaks for 10 years
  • Invested in three startup companies and exited in two startup companies.  
  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, Canada (1992); MBA from Charles Sturt University (2009)
  • International speakers, mentor and judge
  • Judge – Startup Chile
  • Country representative to the Asia Association of Business Incubators (AABI)
  • World Bank certified incubator managers trainer
  • Member of the PEMANDU Govt Task Force on Incubator Development
  • Advisor, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – MIMAROPA region
  • Evaluation Panel Member – ICONDap Grant, Global Transformation Fund (MDEC)
  • Evaluation Panel Member – MOSTI  (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) Commercialisation Panel (Malaysia)

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