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D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 (A Flagship Event for Startups You Should Not Miss in 2013)


   November 22 & 23, 2013
   9:00am - 6:00pm
   MSC Malaysia K-Workers Development Centre

MAD Incubator is MAD with a Mission! The mission – to create, develop and grow 1000 entrepreneurs achieving a turnover of USD 1 million a year by 2015.



To achieve this mission, MAD Incubator has designed a series of entrepreneurial program to assist and grow entrepreneurs to succeed in their journey. Among the entrepreneurial programs that have been created, D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase is an annual premier event that focuses on business startups.

The D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 is an event that has information and communications technology (ICT) entrepreneurs’ interest at heart. The D.A.R.E. philosophy in itself encompasses the processes that are most important to any entrepreneurs who are aspiring to start their own business ventures: DREAM, ACCELERATE, REALIZE and EMPOWER.

D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 aims to promote the entrepreneurial mindset by bringing potential entrepreneurs closer to the resources they need such as collaborators, suppliers and prospects. BizStart Showcase is poised to be the one stop platform for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs to obtain latest information, knowledge, skills, expanding their networks and looking for business opportunities.D.A.R.E.

BizStart Showcase 2013 is the largest entrepreneurial event in Malaysia with more than 150 exhibitors, 30 workshops, 50 seminars and 50 speakers speaking on various entrepreneur and business topics. D.A.R.E. BizStart Showcase 2013 is steeped in its traditional offering of  workshops, exhibitions, conferences, business/experts advisories, mentoring and coaching, business showcasing, business matching, speed dating and lots more; covering topics and themes such as franchising, entrepreneurship, soft skills development, entrepreneur eco-system, digital entrepreneurship, mobile, e-commerce, ICT and lots more.The 3rd D.A.R.E.

BizStart Showcase 2013 is expected to attract more than 3000 visitors spanning the two days business showcase in Cyberjaya.


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Boostrap Your Internet Startup

1. What Kind of Services Firm Are You? Scaling Your Services Firm

2. How Do You Get Customers? How Do you Keep Customers?

3. Client Case Study Session


Business Matching Program

4. Business Matching


Software and Services in the Cloud for your eBusiness

5. New Way To Work for Modern SME!

6. Creating Mobile Apps

7. Managing Your HR the 2014 Way!

8. Managing Your ISO Documents!

9. Managing Your Sales Force Efficently

10. GST & Accounting for SME

11. SEO + CRO = SEO2

12. How to Start Selling Online Successfully and Easily?

13. Increase Online Sales Conversion by Accepting Both Online + Offline Payment

14. Hosted Voice & Golden Number 1700


Franchise & Entrepreneurship

15. Find the right Franchise for you

16. How to Successfully Franchise Your Business

17. The Entrepreneurial Mindset in Entrepreneurship


Growth Hacking Mini Conference

18. Keynote Address by Benjamin Levy

19. The Science Behind Growth Hacking

20. Bootstrapping “Organic” Growth Hacking 

21. How to get creative with marketing when paid channels are too expensive or customers aren't looking for you?

22. A/B Test best practices – How to improve my website for conversion

23. Customer Acquisition – From Zero to 300,000 users

24. Email Campaigns – How to Engage and Convert using Email (proposed)

25. Social Media Marketing for Customer Acquisition (proposed)

26. Developing Your SEO and Adwords Strategy for Customer Acquisition (proposed)


Inspiring Technology Entrepreneur Leadership

27. Keynote: Commercial Viability – What’s that mean??

28. Forum: Keys to Scale a Successful Technology Business

29. Showcase: Cutting Edge, Sharing Ideas

30. Workshop

31. Presentation

32. MIBPC Briefing by MDeC


Internet Marketing

33. How You Can Generate More Customers with Google Adwords?

34. Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs

35. How to build a Membership Sites

36. Share His Experience in Building a 1m Website in 3 Years (proposed)

37. How a 20 Year Old Kid Built His Income Using Internet

38. Building an Online Community

39. 5 Essentials of Setting Up an e-Commerce Business (proposed)

40. Building an “Exit” Ready Business (proposed)

41. How to drive sales to your business and get access to funding (proposed)

42. Your Network Matters! Using LinkedIn to drive your business (proposed)

43. The Future of Payment (proposed)

44. Social Commerce – the Future of Connecting with Your Online Customer (proposed)

45. How Groupon Change the World of Retail (proposed)

46. Cloud Computing – Past, Present, Future (proposed)

47. How Businesses can Leverage on Facebook to Drive Growth (proposed)


Investment Pitching Session – Ideation & Startup

48. Ideation Pitching Session

49. Startup Pitching Session


MIRC 8th Annual Funding Forum

50. Cross Border Financing

51. TechnoFund

52. New Entrepreneur Fund

53. Product & Facilities

54. Assistance Programmes for SMEs

55. Funding Facilitation

56. Debt Financing Scheme

57. 1MCA Micro-Credit Scheme for Youth

58. CGC Guarantee Schemes


Program Transformasi Usahawan

59. Rahsia Membangunkan Perniagaan Secara “Autopilot”

60. Minda Usahawan – “Think BIG, Start SMALL”

61. Pengurusan Kewangan – Urus atau Bungkus!

62. Kuasa Anjalan “The Power of Leverage”

63. Menangani Masalah Kewangan

64. Forum Usahawan Wanita

65. Penjenamaan Media Sosial  dan Pemasaran Internet

66. SOHO 1000: Modal Kecil, Pulangan Besar

67. Tips-tips Kesihatan: Usahawan Sihat, Bisnes Maju

68. Automasi Pengurusan Kewangan Perniagaan

69. Keusahawanan Sosial

70. Gagal dan Bangun Semula “Failing Forward”

71. Perkongsian Pengalaman Perniagaan


Sales & Branding / Business Ecosystem

72. Body Language & NLP for Selling

73. Is BEAUTY Business Suitable for Me?

74. Success and Failure – in Your Entrepreneurship Career

75. Entrepreneur Live! Session – Listen to Oversea Entrepreneurs’ Business Experiences

76. Entrepreneur Live! Session - Branding

77. Entrepreneur Live! Session – One Year on My Entrepreneur Journey


The Essential Entrepreneurial & Business Building

78. The Powerful Mind of the Entrepreneur

79. The Game of Entrepreneurship

80. Fit to Profit

81. Communicating Your Brand Made Simple

82. How To Create Burning Desires in Your Customers To Wanting to Own Your Product

83. MAD Coach’s 1-on-1 Laser Coaching Sessions at booth/counter

84. Don’t Sell to Your Customers, Make Them Buy

85. How To Win Profitable Customers Over

86. How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be… Faster & More Profitably

87. The Philosophy of Business

88. Turbocharge Your Sales



89. 金钱能量学

90. 商業模式画布

91. From Offline to Online让梦想更靠近

92. 《自我了解,创建卓越》-助您设定自我成功方程式

93. 创业者的身心灵交流

94. 商業財會管理 -教你實用的財會管理技巧,助你掌握生意帳目

95. 提升执行力之速行书

96. 资源整合,助人与自助,打造成功环境 

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