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Goal Setting Workshop

New Year, New Resolutions.

Everyone is talking about setting 2013 goals!


Did you find that it’s so easy to set goals but so hard to make them happen?

Do you want your business being improved by having right and clearer goals as well as better strategies?


Learn an effective process for setting goals that truly matter to you.

Discover goal setting based on your life’s Wheel Chart.

 Fee: RM100 (MAD Incubator will sponsor RM50 for every attendees, you will only need to pay RM50 to attend this informative workshop.)



The “Goal Setting 2013 with Well Formed Outcomes & Results” Workshop has been Specially Designed for individuals who desired a more meaningful Life ahead as we help them to achieve their Goals towards a better future.

With Accelerated Learning and Action-based Methodologies, these skills are learnt and retained For Life.

Join us as we embark on this Journey of Life with Well Formed Outcomes & Results.  Together we will make your Goals & Dreams a reality!

Free admission for MAD’s Incubatees and Members.  

To register, kindly email your name, contact number and email address to [email protected]

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