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‘Protect Your Ideas’ Workshop

IP Workshop

Putrajaya – Surprisingly the trend of copying and claiming another’s original idea or product to be theirs is increasing nowadays, and it’s certainly not something one should be proud of. A validated idea or a product created by an individual is not only something that’s created out of their experience, but it’s also something they have thought about thoroughly and it’s their achievement of either fixing or enabling something that will help other people. What happens when someone else steals these ideas and then takes credit for them, as their own?

We live in a world that enables the sharing of ideas instantly across many platforms and portfolios that can be accessed by anyone, at any time, and anywhere in the world. Which is why protecting your ideas and brands is both very important and vital. People tend to have ownership of their ideas, intellectually, but they can’t figure out a way to keep their ideas safe and protected from others.

Many people will have great ideas, but what separates those who can turn their ideas into money from those who cannot, is a strategy to denote the idea strongly enough so that it can become a virtue that can ultimately be protected. Each innovation or brand should have their own uniqueness to differentiate it from being something merely incidental. Either way, if you’re an idealistic person but you have no idea on how to keep your ideas protected, then a patent attorney is what you need.

The details for the workshop are as below:

Date: 11 March 2014 | Time: 10am – 4pm |

Venue: Startup Hub ™ @ PjH, Putrajaya (click here for Google map)

Speaker: Dr. Chris Hemingway, Chartered UK & European Patent Attorney

Proposed Agenda



10:00AM-10:30AM Registration
10:30AM-11:30AM Basic introduction to intellectual property
11:30AM-12.30PM Infringement and enforcement of IP
12.30PM-1.30PM Lunch Break
1.30PM-2.30PM Searching for IP (practical demonstrations)
2.30PM-3.30PM Q&A Sessions

The workshop will be focusing on intellectual property (IP), the rights available, and practical demonstrations relating to IP. If you’ve been wondering ‘How do I keep my ideas safe?’ or ‘How do I stop people from stealing my concepts?’ or similar, then we suggest you to join this workshop and find out on how you can do your part to protect your ideas, brands or products and stop plagiarism.


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