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MAD Programs are structured to assist Entrepreneurs to excel in their business. MAD’s programs are centred on 3 central themes – Business Support, Market and Funding.

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Founder’s Profile – Andrew Wong (Venture Builder, Incubator Manager, Entrepreneur & Angel Investor)

All incubation programs are directly under Andrew’s purview. Andrew has more than 10 years in the field of Business Incubation and is considered an expert in the field of business incubation. He is an accredited World Bank Trainer on Incubator Managers and frequently conducts incubator managers trainings around the region. He also sits in the Technical Committee on Incubator Development in Malaysia’s Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and is the architect of Malaysia’s Incubator Development Blueprint, a 5-Year blueprint to spearhead the development of incubators in Malaysia.

He takes a passionate interest in helping all entrepreneurs under the MAD Group. He started his first business in 1997 and spent his 7 darkest years in the “Valley of Death” until 2004. In 2005, he started the MCA ICT Resource Centre and soon after, started his first business incubator, MIRC Incubator; and two venture capital funds – StarIT and Technopreneur Management Fund. In 2009, he left MIRC to start MAD Incubator. Since then, Andrew has started or consulted 17 incubators around the region and has worked with more than 3000 entrepreneurs over 11 years in the business incubation industry. He has invested in 3 venture startups, exited in 2 startups over the last 2 years. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Simon Fraser University, Canada and an MBA from Charles Sturt University. He is the entrepreneur-in-residence at MAD Incubator and a mentor in ANJE Accelerator (Portugal), Palawan International Technology Business Incubator (Philippines) and CEOWorld (Europe). 

Andrew started his career as an accountant in several companies, mainly in construction, property development, trading and manufacturing. He soon developed the expertise in starting up companies and turning around companies within the group into profitable companies. Following the dotcom era, he ventured on his own, starting an ICT company in 1997 and was one of the pioneers of Customer Relationship Management solutions. In 2004, he further ventured into India before taking up the call to the MCA ICT Resource Center. Andrew is one of the pioneers in his generation that looks beyond Malaysia as a market which prompted him to create the South East Asian business ecosystem for his entrepreneur companies under the MAD Incubation Program.

Andrew’s expertise is in finance, change management, information technology and managing and turning around startup companies. His years of experience in managing SME companies and entrepreneurship put him in good stead to assist and coach entrepreneurs who require assistances in business modelling, entrepreneurship development, market access and funding.

    • Current business mentor at MAD Incubator, ANJE Accelerator, Palawan ITBI and CEOWorld. 
    • 20 years of business experience in 12 countries – U.S, Canada, Portugal, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Myanmar, China, South Korea, India, Indonesia, Singapore.
    • Started/owned 18 business incubators
    • Owned MSC Status Incubator with tax breaks for 10 years
    • Invested in three startup companies and exited in two startup companies.  
    • Judge – Startup Chile
    • Country representative to the Asia Association of Business Incubators (AABI)
    • International speaker, mentor and judge
    • World Bank trainer on Business Incubators
    • Member of the PEMANDU Govt Task Force on Incubator Development
    • Evaluation Panel Member – ICONDap Grant, Global Transformation Fund (MDEC)
    • Evaluation Panel Member – MOSTI Commercialisation Panel
  • Bachelor of Business Administration from Simon Fraser University, Canada (1992); MBA from Charles Sturt University (2009)

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