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MAD Business Incubation Program

Interested to start a business? Or already have one?

Helping entrepreneurs in developing new ventures is our passion. Since 2009, MAD Incubator has helped hundreds of early-stage businesses develop into sustainable companies by providing the tools, training, hand-holding and the right business network that help facilitate smarter, faster venture growth and expansion across South East Asia. Our new entrepreneurs and ventures are spread across industries from ICT, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, manufacturing, e-commerce, mobile-tech, fintech, healthcare, tourism, retail and bio-tech.

We understand that developing the innovations and businesses of tomorrow is not an easy task, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. At MAD, we walk side-by-side with you, every step of the way, from cradle to acceleration to growth and expansion. We excel in providing you the business support, market access and funding access. This is the hallmark of the MAD Incubator Business Incubation Program – hand-holding, leveraging on local and regional business network and being your extra-man on the team. At MAD, you will never walk alone.

This program is designed to help new and struggling early-stage businesses develop into financially stable companies.

We understand that the first three years is the most critical phase of your venture; and even more so, in the first year of business. The MAD Incubator Business Incubation Program is designed to help new and struggling early-stage businesses develop into financially sustainable companies.

We accomplish this goal through a comprehensive incubation process that includes training and development, on-going series of strategic and tactical meetings, business coaching, a variety of business, market and funding development services, and making available other resources within our business network.  Entrepreneurship is like a game. We play to win. Hence, we term this “The Game of Entrepreneurship”.

Our mission is to help create financially sustainable businesses by helping businesses grow to the point where they have a strong balance sheet and cashflow. To achieve that, our incubatee companies have to focus on market and sales. Next, we help them to have a strong management system and organizational culture. A strong business system has to be in placed so that our entrepreneurs are able to work out-of-the-business instead of in-the-business, working on daily issues. And lastly, we help them to grow and expand their market beyond our shores to move from good to great. This involves leadership management and empowerment. This 3-step process moves from business acceleration (market & sales) to growth (business systems) and (market) expansion.

To get to the 3-step process, we put our incubatees into our signature pre-incubation (ideation) and busines incubation programs, to prepare them for business acceleration (beginning of the 3-step process).

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Our Business Incubation Process

MAD’s business incubation process combines incubation management, mentorship and coaching methodologies to bring out the best in our entrepreneurs. We focus on accountability and business targets; hand-holding and access to the MAD business ecosystem to get you connected to the right people; training and development and mentorships to help you progress from one stage of your entrepreneurship journey to the next.

Doing a business is akin to going to war. Planning a business is akin to planning for battles.



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8 Reasons Why You Should Join The MAD Incubation Program

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