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The Game of Entrepreneurship

MAD Coach Academy Sdn Bhd is the specialist in entrepreneurship and small-medium business success. Our proven unique methodology – the Wheels of Mastery – that combines the entrepreneur’s leadership personality and business creates impactful and long lasting patterns of growth.


Business Mastery Wheel

The Wheels of Mastery was developed by Vincent Chew, MAD CEO & Chief Coach, The Business Mastery Wheel helps you to quickly get an overview of the most important areas of your business. It helps the entrepreneur/business owner consider each business building block areas and assesses what’s off balance. And so, it helps identify areas that need more attention and creates more clarity towards a business’s direction & bottom lines.

MAD Coach provides:


•Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching – We help and support entrepreneur wannabes, startups and seasoned entrepreneurs get started right, accelerate and grow faster with more sustainability.


•Entrepreneur Coach Training – We are the 1st entrepreneurship coaching firm that provides Entrepreneur Coach Certification, training and entrepreneurship coaching tools.


•Entrepreneurship & Business Training – Our flagship program, “The Game of Entrepreneurship” encompasses all the elements of successful entrepreneurship.


•Entrepreneurship Program Design & Development – We are experts in customising and designing entrepreneurship programs for entrepreneurs and organisations.


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