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Professional Certificate of Entrepreneurship Coaching



In recent years, Entrepreneurship Coaching as a profession is growing at an accelerated pace as more and more people are venturing into entrepreneurship as a means to break away from the uncertainty in the job market and to achieve both life and financial freedom & flexibility. Entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-wannabes are now yearning entrepreneurial and practical business education and support in their journey through entrepreneurship.

Behind each milestone, or accomplishment, stand two people — the one who executes the task or carries out the game plan and the one who helps to create the game plan and supports, guides and motivates the executor to improve his skills.

Over the years, we have been helping and supporting those executors to make a difference in their entrepreneurial journey, their businesses and more importantly, their lives.

We’ve been hard at work for the past years, carefully re-examining and crafting our coaching model, process, system and tools. And now in the spirit of entrepreneurship, we’ve created an eco-system – a place where, as long as you have the right experience, passion, and values – you can be YOU and be a MAD Coach.

We’ll give you the all the support you need to build a thriving practice. From our unique Wheels of Mastery & our coaching model and process to sales & marketing to client management and of course, on-going training to enhance your competencies, knowledge and skills.

Our goal is simple. To help you succeed as an Entrepreneur Coach so that you can share our passion in helping  and empowering entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve their success – a success based on values, passion, purpose and of course, profits.

… a success based on values, passion, purpose and of course, profits.

1. Passionate

2. Giving & caring

3. Seeks challenge & competent

4. professional

5. Purposeful

6. Entrepreneurial

7. Knowledge seeking

8. Enthusiastic

9. Independent



Training Outline – Business + Life + Coaching methodology For Entrepreneurship Coaching Mastery


1. Introduction to the Wheels of Mastery

2. Introduction to Coaching

3. The 3 Coaching Pillars

4. The 10 Coaching Mindset

5. The Core Coaching Competencies

6. The RESULTS Wheel Coaching Model & Process

7. Practical Coaching Skills

Learning Outcomes

1. Basic understanding of the mechanics behind the Wheels of Mastery

2. Understand & appreciate the differences between coaching and other professions and its benefits to unleashing human potential

3. Learn the 3 coaching pillars and the 10 coaching mindset toward establishing an empowered coaching mindset for successful coaching interactions and communications

4. Learn the International Coach Federation’s 11 Core Coaching Competencies

5. Learn and use the RESULTS Wheel Coaching model & process toward successful coaching sessions

6. Learn and use the key coaching skills to create breakthroughs in human potential

7. Apply coaching skills in the workplace for peak performance


1. The 4Ps to Life Progression

2. The Enneagram Personality Model & System

3. Tips to coach the various personalities

4. The Life Mastery Wheel Goal Achieving

5. RESULTS Wheel in Action for Life Mastery

6. Using the Life Mastery Tools

Learning Outcomes

1. Use the 4Ps to discover life’s roadblocks and create life transformation

2. Learn the 9 different personalities & their characteristics

3. Learn to identify the 9 different personalities and their path of disintegration & path to integration

4. Tips to coach the 9 different personalities for peak performance

5. Understand the mechanics behind the Life Mastery Wheel and use the power of the Wheel to unleash the 4Ps of people

6. Appreciate the 8 core areas of life for enhanced life management, control & mastery

7. Use SMARTER goal setting to achieve goals

8. Plan more effectively & efficiently to achieve goals with the “Reverse Timeline”

9. Use the Life Mastery Tools to help clients to achieve peak performance


1. The 4Ps to Business Progression

2. The Foundation to Sustainable Business Growth

3. The Business Mastery Wheel

4. The 4 Levels of Entrepreneurship & Business Growth

5. Using the Business Mastery Tools

6. Tips to coach various stages of entrepreneurs & business owners

Learning Outcomes

1. Use the 4Ps to Business Progression to discovering the core business challenge(s) and help clients to find clarity and focus

2. Learn the power of strategic planning to enhance business mastery skills and the 8 core business building block areas

3. Understand the mechanics behind the Business Mastery Wheel and use the power of the Wheel to unleash a business’s potential & profits

4. Learn the 4 levels in the game of entrepreneurship and the steps to winning each levels

5. Tips to coach various entrepreneurs and businesses in the 4 levels using the Business Mastery tools

Note: MAD Coach Management reserves the right to make amendments to the program outline/content where  deemed necessary.


•12 Weekly & 3 Monthly Learning Journal
•Peer-to-Peer Coaching

i)   As a Coach: Must coach a minimum of 3 peers with a minimum of 36 hours

ii)  As a Client: Must be a client for a minimum of 18 hours and amaximum of 36 hours

•MAD Group Coaching: Minimum 2 Level 1 Groups with a minimum of 8 hours
•MAD 1-on-1 Coaching: Minimum 2 clients with a minimum of 4 hours each
•2x Supervised Coaching
•Coaching Log
•An Exit Interview with MAD Chief Coach


What’s Included:
Professional Certificate of Entrepreneurship Coaching


1.Free personalised Enneagram personality profiling assessment (including MAD Chief Coach’s expert interpretation).
2.“The Coach’s Play Book” and “The Coach’s Journal”.
3.The Game of Entrepreneurship (Level 1 & 2) MS Powerpoint presentation slides.
4.Rights to use MAD Coach’s brand and be known as a “MAD Coach”.*
5.1 set of personalised MAD Coach name card.*
6.On-going training and coaching support to enhance knowledge, skills, techniques, and personal & business mastery.
7.Monthly Strategy Masterminding sessions; tap into the MAD Group’s networking platform & MAD Group’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem.
8.Upon successful completion of the MAD Coach Train-the-Coach certification program, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from MAD Coach Academy Sdn Bhd and Professional Certificate of Entrepreneurship Coaching from Global University for Lifelong Learning (USA).
9.Pathway up to Master Degree.

* Interview by MAD Chief Coach is required.


•One time training investment of RINGGIT MALAYSIA SEVEN THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED (RM 7,500.00) ONLY.
•License fee of RINGGIT MALAYSIA ONE HUNDRED (RM 100.00) ONLY monthly for coach’s continuous learning & development (training,  masterminding, email & phone support) AND the use of MAD Coach’s identity, brand and marketing for a minimum of 24 months.


(1)Fees quoted are inclusive of professional certification
(2)Investment and fees may be subjected to change without prior notice

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