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The Game of Entrepreneurship Coaching


Building a Solid Entrepreneurial & Business Foundation to Sustainable Growth

Where Are You In Your Entrepreneurial Journey? 


Your entrepreneurial journey is evolving. With the passage of time, your business will go through various stages of the business life cycle. And in each stage of development of the business life cycle, you face different challenges, focus and financing sources needed for growth.

MAD Coach Academy has crafted 4 different levels denoting 4 different levels or stages of an entrepreneur’s journey in the business life cycle. Each level requires different approaches and strategies to ensure, you, the entrepreneur experience massive results from participating in the “game” and successfully grow your business. Many play the game to SURVIVE. We teach you to play to WIN!

Entrepreneur Readiness is the level for those not in business yet, but they may have an idea or they would like to explore to start a business.

Those with annual revenue between RM10K-RM250K will be categorized under Accelerator level.

Those with annual revenue between RM250K-500K will be under Growth level,

whereas Expansion level is created for businesses with revenue more than RM500K.

Level 1 in the Game of Entrepreneurship is a level where (1) would-be entrepreneurs are still figuring out whether they are ready to venture into entrepreneurship and start a business and if they do, what type of business opportunity they can pursue , OR (2) new entrepreneurs are just starting out in their entrepreneurial journey and business.

Level 1 is about preparing would-be entrepreneurs and/or new entrepreneurs with a solid foundation and a successful start in their business.

The Criteria

No business yet; Have a business idea; Have plans to be in business in less than 12 months’ time OR just starting out in business for less than 12 months OR want to learn and better equip with a proper foundation to entrepreneurship and business.

What’s Included

1. Learning materials

2. Business planning worksheets and templates

3. 90-day MAD Entrepreneurship & Business Action Plan

4. Complimentary 1-on-1 Strategy Session with your Entrepreneur Coach

5. 1x Group Business Strategy Session

Winning Level 1

•Business viability validation

•A minimum viable marketable product

•A 1-Page Strategic Business Plan

•Initial Sale(s)

•12 Weekly & 3 Monthly Learning Journal



Entrepreneurs normally struggle to keep their business on track at the initial stage. The Game of Entrepreneurship Level 2 is designed to help entrepreneurs accelerate their sales and revenues so as to create sustainability for the business. This Level is particularly focused on sales and marketing strategies and tactics to develop leads and convert them into closed sales.

The Criteria

For businesses with annual revenue between RM10k to RM250k.

What’s Included

1. 3 Days Level 2 Workshop

2. 7 Sessions Group Coaching

3. Business planning worksheets and templates

4. 90-day MAD Entrepreneurship & Business Action Plan

5. 1x 1-on-1 Strategy Session with your Entrepreneur Coach

6. 1x Group Business Strategy Session

7. On-going email & phone support

Winning Level 1

•# of Clients

•Sales revenue

•Positive cash flow

•Basic operational system

•Establishment of core team

•Portfolio of entrepreneurial & business learning and outcomes



The growth stage of the business is where entrepreneurs stabilise the business and start generating profits in their business. A different approach and strategy is required to manage the business at this stage, ensuring that the entrepreneur business is well positioned to experience further growth.

The Game of Entrepreneurship Level 3 is about aligning all business areas and getting in leverage and systems into the whole business.

The Criteria

For businesses with annual revenue between RM250k to RM500k.

When the foundation and base is strong enough, the entrepreneur will begin the planning for business expansion to reach a broader market and network. This is where big companies are born and the entrepreneur is a step away from realising his/her entrepreneurial dreams.

The Game of Entrepreneurship Level 4 covers the entrepreneur’s ability to build systems and teams in place to start having the business on auto-pilot.

The Criteria

For businesses with annual revenue RM500k and beyond.

Session Breakdown:

Level 1 - Readiness covers:

1. Life Mastery & Peak Performance

2. Your unique entrepreneurial leadership personality

3. Idea vs Opportunity (Ideation)

4. Market Validation

5. Product/Service Development

6. Finding Your Blue Ocean & USP/Positioning

7. 1-Page Business Plan and Business Modeling

8. The Art of Pitching/The Art of Business Communication

9. The Power of Leverage

10. Personal Financial Planning

Level 2 - Accelerator covers:

1. The Profit Growth Formula

2. The Strategic Marketing Plan

3. The Strategic Sales Plan

4. Sales Strategies & Tactics

5. The Business Scorecard

6. Selling Different Personalities

7. Optimising the Power of  Leverage

Program Structure:

  • Duration of the Program: 4 months
  • Frequency: Every fortnightly (Twice per month)
  • Type of Session: Group coaching (Learning + Masterminding)
  • Session Duration: 2 hours
  • Element: Structured process that combines Entrepreneur’s Expertise with Coach’s Entrepreneurship & Business Building Abilities
Program Benefits:
  • An opportunity to access qualified and professional entrepreneur coaches
  • An opportunity to be mentored by entrepreneurs-in-residence
  • Provide your long-standing questions with answers to your entrepreneurial journey and business
  • Develop your skills and knowledge to enhance your business level
  • Leverage on the other minds in your group to create breakthroughs for you
  • Have accountability in your actions and directions forward
  • Exchange, share and contribute your thoughts, ideas and knowledge to others
  • Gain knowledge from the Coach and each other and shorten your learning curve
  • And many more…
Subscription Rate:
  • Entrepreneur Readiness – RM1800 for 4 months
  • Accelerator – RM2300 for 4 months
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Coaching for a Cause: Entrepreneurs in the ECP will contribute 3% of increase in revenue to a community fund that will give back to a selected charity organization. Revenue contribution will be tabulated on a monthly basis, and contributed to the accounted fund and at the end of the program, we will invite the charity organization to receive the contribution.
  2. MAD Coach Academy reserves the right to terminate participants from the circle when: – the participant absent him/herself more than once in 3 months; – non-submission of KPIs and circle accountability report, more than once; – written notice of non-complete.
  3. Payment is non-refundable if participation is terminated due to the above violations.
  4. non-submission of KPIs and circle accountability report, more than once;
  5. Circle participants can do a 1+1 circle term of the same level up to a maximum of 2 circle terms at a particular level and after which, the participant must move on to the next circle level.
  6. MAD Coach Academy has the discretion to inject additional workshops during the course of the Circle.

Note: MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied with what you see, hear and experience on the first day.


Q1. There are 4 different levels, i.e. Entrepreneur Readiness, Accelerator, Growth, and Expansion, will the workshop be conducted with 4 groups into 1 or to be conducted separately?

A1. There are 6 sessions for the Circle. The Circles are denoted by the entrepreneur’s level based on annual revenues – Entrepreneur Readiness (no business yet / just started business but without a business plan), Accelerator (annual revenues of < RM250k), Growth (Annual revenues between RM250k to RM500k) and Expansion (Annual revenues > RM500k). Each of these Circles are conducted separately. The Entrepreneur Circle Program is a group coaching program. There are no workshops in this program. Each session is 2 hours long and starts with a short topical discussion by the coach followed by an accountability session and then a masterminding session.

Q2. Are the sessions breakdown (Session 1 – Session 6) the same even though there are 4 different Circles? How will each group benefit differently from the same subject?

A2. The 6 sessions are different for each Circle Level. For example, session 1 in Entrepreneur Readiness Level is different from session 1 in Accelerator level because entrepreneurs go through different business lifecycles and MAD recognizes that the different lifecycles require different strategies and approaches to ensure all entrepreneurs achieve massive results and successes in growing their businesses.

Q3. Will each participant be able to share their weekly challenges that warrants either the MAD business coaches / participants-at-large input?

A3. Yes because each group will have 5-10 persons per session, the coach definitely can attend to each participant’s issues.

Q4. If the workshop is purely education, then this is available widely. What is the extra value from this workshop, which I gather is embodied in ‘MasterMind’?

A4. This is a group coaching program instead of a workshop. ECP is an action-oriented result-driven program. All participants will receive different topical discussions by the coach in each session, followed by a presentation of the results and actions by the entrepreneur and then a masterminding session with other entrepreneurs. These sessions are facilitated by the coach and each session, a set of actions are formulated with the entrepreneur to be acted upon before the next coming session. Participants are obligated to report these results, failing which, the participant can be removed from the program due to non-performance. The ECP is also result-oriented in which we would like to see that ultimately, coming into the ECP, will result in increased revenues.

Q5. There are 2 coaches involve in ECP, how many of these sessions shall be conducted by each coach?

A5. MAD Incubator is growing its business coaches through its Coach Academy. There will be more coaches on board as and when the needs arise. At present, there will be 4 coaches involve – Vincent Chew, Maresa Ng, Nicholas Goh and Andrew Wong. All four has 50 years of combined business and entrepreneurship experiences.

Q6. Can the ECP be made HRDF-compliant to allow the cost to be claimed against taxation as this will be a “nice to have” option?

A6. Yes, we are in the midst of applying for it.

Q7. I do not understand the item 4 in Terms and Conditions, “Circle participants can do a 1+1 circle term of the same level up to a maximum of 2 circle terms at a particular level and after which, the participant must move on to the next circle level”, can you explain further?

A7. Item 4 in the Terms and Conditions has been amended to 1 year. This means that you can only remain in the Circle Level for up to a period of 1 year i.e. 4 Circle terms of 3 months each. The reason being is we do recognize that some entrepreneurs may take longer and some shorter to realize the revenue targets set for each Circle Level. But we feel that 1 year is sufficient time for an entrepreneur to move from Readiness to Accelerator, from Accelerator to Growth and from Growth to Expansion. This means that within 1 year, you should be in a position to move from your current Level to the next Level.

Q8. How big will each group be?

A8. Each group will have minimum 5 persons and maximum 10 persons.

Q9. May I know the possible day and time for each ECP session?

A9. Please refer to the schedule stated in our website or you can call us at 03 8994 1750 / 1751 for further details, or email to [email protected]

Q10. I am looking at the industry-diversity of the group, will it be possible for me to meet these people in ECP?

A10. Applications by participants will be qualified by the board, and it is our absolute discretion which cycle the participant enter and who is in the circle.

Q11. What is the benefit for those already in business? Does it help in the current business we are in?

A11. Yes. The ECP – Accelerator level is designed to help those already in business. It helps entrepreneurs to increase sales and profit for the businesses they are in. Further ECP levels, such as Growth and Expansion levels will be able to help entrepreneurs scale up, once they get to that stage. As a guideline, if your revenues are <RM250k, it will be the Accelerator Level. RM250k to RM500k – Growth Level and RM500k > – Expansion Level.

Q12. What will be taught in ECP?

ECP Entrepreneur Readiness covers:

1.  Is Becoming an Entrepreneur Right For Me?

2. Knowing Self for Peak Performance

3. Is My Idea an Idea or an Opportunity?

4. Basic Strategic Planning

5. Designing & Creating a Business Plan

6. What do I Need to Do Now to Prepare Myself to Be an Entrepreneur & How?


ECP Accelerator covers:

1. Reporting

2. Marketing

3. Leads Generation and Conversion

4. Dealing with Objections

5. Retain Existing Customers and Repeat Sales.

Q13. What are the time for participation in ECP, will it be a full day program?

A13. No, it is not a full day program. The ECP is a 3 months program, 2 sessions in a month and each session is 2 hours.

Q14. Can I join any time?

A14. If you miss this intake, you can join for next intake. New intake will only be open when there are at least 5 participants sign up with us. If you have a group of peers who share similar passion in entrepreneurship, you can gather them together and form a group, then we can start an ECP for you.

Q15. Will ECP be conducted on a one-on-one or group basis?

A15. ECP is conducted on a group basis because it is a group coaching program. If you are interested in a 0ne-on-one coaching program, we can arrange MAD’s Business Coach to conduct this for you. Please enquire from our office on the one-on-one program. Tel: 03-8311 9650 or email to [email protected] For registration and more information, kindly fill in the particulars and we will contact you shortly.

MAD Coach Academy accepted the offer from Technology Park Malaysia to become one of the panel companies to provide coaching, mentoring, training and consultancy services.


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