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MSC Malaysia Market Validation Workshop

Your idea is awesome!

However… is there a market for your cool idea?

Do you have a competitive advantage, which you can sustain?

How do your potential customers perceive the value of your product?

Figure out what your market really want before you invest all your time and resources in your product!

MSC Malaysia Market Validation Workshop

This complimentary MSC Malaysia Market Validation Workshop is specially designed to help entrepreneurs to understand the importance of market validation and the “How-to” aspect of conducting a market validation exercise.

What were participants said about this workshop?

“Very good. I would prefer if the seminar held closer to the city.”

“Great session and should be shared.”

“Totally met my expectation, it would be better if provide more case studies analysis.”

What will you accomplish?

– Identify key market trends, biggest competitors and learn how to beat them

– Create your unique value proposition

– Communicating the value proposition to the customer in a way that makes them love you

– Designing the product’s minimum viable product based on the results arrived from the market validation exercise

– Creating wings to the venture

Who should attend?

– Startups with ideas/prototype or about to go-to-market

– Companies who are facing problems in go-to-market

– Companies with new product ideas


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