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Live 2-Days Online Sales Mastery Intensive Workshop with Syazril Izmal


Why Continue to Struggle Creating a Sustainable Stream of Income Online When I Can Show You


How to Instantly Multiply Sales on Your Website, Create Offers People LOVE and Attract the Best Customers to Your Business, Products or Services

I’ll help you get “unstuck”, and overcome the obstacles which stop even the most well-funded small businesses and startups from making a single cent online today…


andrew_madWe introduced “Growth Hacking Mini Conference” in our BizStart 2013 for one single purpose… to get our entrepreneurs tapping into the high-leverage points of growing a business.

An invited speaker, Syazril has proven that it is a very lucrative skill set to have for internet businesses and NOT at all complicated to implement.

If you’re serious about how to market online the right way, then this is a workshop you cannot miss this year.

-Andrew Wong, CEO of MAD Incubator

From: Syazril Izmal
Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,
……..If you have been looking for a proven way to market your products and services online…

…A system so powerful you can almost ‘predict’ a sale BEFORE anybody sees your website…
…With the income boosting benefit of providing VALUE to your customers, that gently turns them into raving fans, who are not shy of telling you what THEY WANT to buy from you NEXT…
…And to discover hidden opportunities to extract every dollar of potential profit you never thought existed out of your business…
…Or you have always had the feeling in your gut telling you “There’s got to be a better way! A cheaper and less complicated way to promote and make money online?”…

……..If you’re sick and tired of not seeing any significant results from your MASSIVE marketing budget, leaking money in every hole out of your pocket AND confused to what you might have done wrong, then take a few moments to read this short letter.

Here’s the deal:

……..The internet has become the easiest place to start ANY business nowadays and it has also become a very confusing and overwhelming place for an entrepreneur to make a decent living.
……..I have worked with tons of entrepreneurs and the same problems kept popping up when they want to start laying the foundations for long term income generation online.
……..The same problems that might be taking you away from the income goals you set for yourself right now.

So here’s what I’ve come up with…


……..I will be holding a 2-days live no holds barred and uncensored intensive workshop where I will open up my business to you and the MAD Incubator community, literally walking you through the exact steps I’ve taken to:

  • turn a USD$100 investment to a fulfilling full-time living selling other people’s products in just 2 short years (that is, after 3 painstaking years of overwhelm and confusion before I managed to figure it all out)
  • create a strong foundation for a scalable online business without having to hire full-time staffs ever
  • build an exclusive distribution channel of 13,000 people and growing (who appreciate and buy the products and services I offer – whenever they are ready)
  • systematically build ‘winning’ advertising campaigns where my marketing budget becomes predictable profit multipliers right out of the gate

……..You’ll see what worked and what didn’t work… And how you can apply what I’m doing to your business.

Here Are Just a Few of the Things That You’re About to Discover

Here Are Just a Few of the Things That You’re About to Discover

  • The 4 insider secrets to having maximum “profit” leverage online (It’s amazing how few people know this, maybe because it brings too much for so little effort – nobody believes the “myth” enough to implement it in their business). .
  • Clever blueprints to turn a skeptical prospect to a raving customer in just minutes after visiting your website (Time tested and true – this scientific approach doesn’t take any creative marketing juice from you… just plug in and play!) .
  • Exactly how many pages of your website visitors need to see before asking for the sale (This comes straight from a computer scientist who sends thousands of website traffic on every passing hour). .
  • The “nuclear relationship building option” that is so potent it’s almost guaranteed to turn new customers to repeat buyers without direct engagement with you (Even by people who hated you in the first place!) .
  • How to knock out irresistible offers that closes your prospects without them feeling “sold to” (It’s a statistical fact that most business owners fail to position their products and services right for maximum sale. Here’s a “fool proof” way to make crafting offers not only easy, but fun!) .
  • A “stealth” way to inject unsexy common words in your website that gets unusually high sales response when tested (I accidentally found this strange phenomenon when I stopped using a “guru tactic”… needless to say, it’s a standard requirement for ALL websites I build now). .
  • How to understand what your customers want and “test” the idea with a tidy profit even ­before the product is created (This little-known tip has been used by almost all Fortune 500 companies under the radar till this very day). .
  • Why it’s a big mistake to include raving testimonials in your website (And the ONLY time it should ever appear). .
  • The #1 “clumsy mistake” entrepreneurs make with their bonuses that kill their chances of closing the sale (Someone showed me a full cabinet of products they’d like to add as complimentary bonuses. Here’s my suggestion instead). .
  • The most reliable, fastest and easiest traffic generation system to get 500+ new prospects daily on autopilot (And no – it’s NOT ye’ old Google or Facebook, and most importantly, wallet-friendly too!) .
  • Word-for-word, the single most important part of your advertising that invokes the response you want from the right prospects (And why “excited” prospects are the devil). .
  • Why “moving the free line” is a bad idea (A mistake that almost shipwrecked my business earlier on). .
  • The simple 20-minute a day recipe for putting the most powerful selling tool to work for you (I discovered the secret to internet wealth…and chances are your competition are NOT using them right). .
  • A secret technique used by “old-school” direct response marketers that get into peoples’ buying “psychology”. (Don’t worry, people LOVE it when you do this – and even welcome it). .
  • The easiest and ONLY way for you to write emails sprinkled with sales pitch every time (Because your prospects really WANT you to deliver the information in this exact format). .
  • Exactly how many emails you need to send to get even the most skeptical and hostile prospects to trust you (I learned this technique from top email marketing specialist, Ben Settle, and it’s the single most profitable way to build long term readership and buyers I’ve ever seen). .
  • How to grow a list of the right prospects that directly improves your cash flow (And how to comb through the profit leaks in your website and implement leveraged systems to get similar results).
  • And a whole lot more…

Is This Event Really Right For You?

Is This Event Really Right For You?

……..If you have any of the following chronic problems in your business or your life, then you need to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event: .

  • If you’re already making “some” money online but not yet reach your financial goals. And since we’re in that topic, this is NOT for you if you already have a USD$30K automated business running 100% online. .
  • If you are new to online entrepreneurship trying to figure out how to build a strong foundation for long-term success and need a proven model to emulate. .
  • If you are a “professional” – a doctor, attorney, trainer, financial advisor, real estate agent, coach or other private practices who need to get more interested prospects to your door. .
  • If you are involved or OWN any type of business. Period. .
  • If you’re a network marketer who has been looking for a better way to recruit new prospects in your downline, and wondering how the “top producers” make it look so easy using the internet. .
  • If you’re a financially struggling parent who is scratching and clawing, desperately trying to keep yourself afloat with each passing month.

……..If you identify with any of the above problems then you know this event is for you.
……..And there is a very good chance that our workshop contains the “KEY” to multiplying sales on your website and attracting endless streams of paying customers who LOVE and continue to rave about your business, products or services.

Here’s How to Secure Your Seat Today

This workshop won’t cost you a single cent. Nah-da. But I do have some restrictions:

1. I’m not just letting ‘anyone’ in. ONLY serious entrepreneurs are welcome.
. Once you register for the event below, you’ll be directed to a simple survey to type in your most pressing problems online.
. (My team will review your question/s and confirm the registration. NOTE: If you’re not accepted, you’ll receive an email with the subject “Your UNsuccessful Registration” within 48 hours of survey submission).
. Any question you type for the survey is a good question. The whole reason behind this step is to address specific problems relating to your business during our event, a “mini-consult” if you will.
. Quick tip: If you want to guarantee your seat, be sure to answer the survey. It will be 3 short questions and you’ll then be on your way…

2. For the husband and wife team… since this workshop is going to take you away from your kids in the weekend, it’d be best to get someone to babysit, because unfortunately–they’re not allowed to be in the training hall .
. (I know this is a ridiculous, “looney” request, but I would not mention this UNLESS I’ve seen someone done it before. So – I digress).

That’s it. Two simple requests.

……..After the registration, you’ll be sent to a page explaining in full detail the content and agenda for our two days together, and how you will have the opportunity to secure the recordings (plus a few bonuses) before anyone else.
……..And once you have read the event details, there will be a very visible link where you need to click to bring you to the simple survey for submission.
……..Again, give some thought to what you’d like answered during our workshop…
……..Usually my clients pay up to USD$500 to get a strategy session with me and I’m making this feature available so all the participants can benefit from your unique situation.

My Promise to You

……..This will be a live interactive workshop where your entrepreneurial instincts will be pushed.
……..You will leave knowing more about marketing online, how to implement it in your business – no matter what you sell, what to do first, how to scale, and at the very least…
……..You will leave knowing more than your competition on how to position your products or services for market domination almost always attracting the most interested prospects…
……..Every. Single. Day.
……..Make no mistake – this would be the MOST life changing experience of your business life even though in reality – it’s the next necessary step you MUST take.
……..Don’t hesitate on taking decisive action right now, before it slips your mind. Chances are, you might not come across another zero-cost intensive marketing workshop and probably end up investing much, much more.
……..Take me up on my invitation and I look forward to working with you on your business together…


Syazril Izmal
Renegade Online Entrepreneur & Traffic Generation Specialist

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