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MAD STARTUP KIT is Launching in January 2015


Finally, the wait is over !

It’s a whole new year and we’re all going back to busy days either to start fresh, to pick up what we’ve left before the holidays, to continue the hard-work, to continue being successful or to eye for successes.

We’re Launching our first startup toolkit in January 2015 !

To help ease entrepreneurs & soon to be startups or early stage startups, MAD has created the MAD STARTUP KIT (MSK) as a toolkit to guide startups to start their businesses in Malaysia in a much easier way. The MSK has all the basics an early stage startup needs, from a domain name, your own startup website, business email, e-commerce online store, CRM system, Invoices & Receipts generator, Accounting system, beneficial premium vouchers, Important Contacts of MAD’s trusted service providers, and many more for just one valuable price, lasting your startup basic needs for 1 year.

The Kit is now sold at 50% off until the launch date, so, book your kits now and pick them up on the launch day, where we will be having our first workshop on how to fully utilise the MAD STARTUP KIT. Pssst, we’re also giving away a Microsoft 365 program for the first 30 kits! Limited kits left that comes with the new Microsoft 365 program.

The Launch Day tentative info is as below:
Date : 21st January 2015
Venue : Startup Hub @ PjH, Menara PjH, Precinct 2 of Putrajaya
Time : 10:30am to 4:30pm


10.30am-11am Registration & Kit Pick Up
11am-11.20am Launching of MSK + Opening Remarks (Andrew Wong & Proj. Mgr)
11.20am-12.05pm Exabytes / easyStore & easyParcel Workshop (Business Domain & Email registration, easyStore e-commerce webstore & easyParcel how-to presentation)
12.05pm-12.50pm MAD Coach Academy Presentation
12.50pm-1.50pm Lunch Break + Booths Visiting (Exabytes, easyStore & easyParcel, MOLPay, Netiquette, SecondCRM, Microsoft, MAD Coach Academy, MOLPay, SSM, etc.)
1.50pm-2.35pm SecondCRM Workshop (SecondCRM Startup Pack & Professional Edition System)
2.35pm-3.20pm Netiquette’s Accounting System Workshop
3.20pm-4.05pm MOLPay Presentation (MOLPay Payment Gateway System)
4.05pm-4.30pm Networking + Booths Visiting
4.30pm END



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