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Technopreneur Open Day

MAD and TPM will host the inaugural round of Technopreneur Open Day on 14 November 2009. This idea was conceptualised to help bring more technopreneurs to appreciate the role of incubators in business success. The 14 Nov Tech Open Day will feature an urgent theme: Funding. We are hosting a series of talks focusing on alternative funding such as the ... Read More »

MAD to launch TechIdeas Program

MAD Incubator will be launching the MAD TechIdeas Program on Nov 14 2009, in conjunction with MAD’s Technopreneur Open Day. The idea of this program is to identify good ideas that MAD is able to work with technopreneurs to incubate and crystalise these ideas into successful businesses. The main highlights will be the launch of these ideas during the MAD ... Read More »

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