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Technopreneur Open Day @ Johor Bahru

Event Description  

Technopreneur Open Day is a quarterly Open Day event to introduce the world of entrepreneurship and business incubation services to entrepreneurs, students, entrepreneur-wannabes and entrepreneurship enthusiasts. It is one of the avenues for MAD Incubator to touch base with its stakeholders in an Open Day.

Open Days are full-day events with attendance of more than 150 participants. It follows a Barcamp format with simultaneous workshops, trainings and discussions going at the same time. Its topics vary between entrepreneurship, technologies, ICT enablement and incubation services.

In 2013, Technopreneur Open Days will follow the theme – entrepreneurship, business building, technology enablement and community.  This one-day event also aims to provide technology updates, market trends, as well as showcase the incubatees at the Johor region.

MAD Incubator takes the Open Day as an opportunity to introduce business incubation to the participants by showcasing its services, people and facilities available. Some workshops will be held in conjunction with Open Day to provide various practical entrepreneurship knowledge and skills to entrepreneurs.

Event Details
Date: 21 August 2013 (Wednesday)
Time: 9am to 6pm
Venue: Grand Paragon Hotel (Click here for location map)

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8:00am – 9:00am


9:00am – 9:10am

Opening Remark by Andrew Wong, CEO of MAD Incubator

9:10am – 9:40am

Innovation Capital  by Mohd Shahriman Nazree Dato’ Hashim, Innovation Capital Multimedia Development Corporation

9:40am – 10:10am

Financing Solutions for your Business by Ms. Angie Law Lee Cheng, Vice President of Business Building, Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV)

10:10am – 10:40am

Funding Assistance for Small & Medium Entrepreneurs by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd

10:40am – 12:40pm

Intellectual Property Financing Facility – IPFS by Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV)

To inculcate innovation and increase productivity, incentives to support RM200 million in financing have been set aside under the IP Financing Scheme, which will be offered through Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV). The scheme will enable companies with IP rights (IPRs) to use their IPRs as an additional source of collateral to obtain funding and spur more investments for companies with technology capabilities, in turn encouraging innovation. The scheme will also help alleviate the difficulties that some technology-focused companies face when attempting to get funding from financial institutions.

12:40pm – 1:30pm


1:30pm – 3:30pm

Funding Assistance by Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd 

3:30pm – 5:30pm

Internet Marketing Workshop by Miss Shakirah, founder of Minda Trafik
(1) Google Adwords
(2) Viral Ads in Facebook
(3) Power of YouTube

5:30pm – 6:00pm

How to Avoid Failures in Your Entrepreneur Life Journey by Andrew Wong, CEO of MAD Incubator

End of Program

* The above itinerary is tentative and subject to change.

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Technopreneurship Development Contribution Opportunity


Your support towards Technopreneur Open Day (TOD) will contribute to technopreneurship development in Malaysia. We believe that with your kind supports, we could keep on organizing free events which able to help startup technopreneurs, eventually to create a vibrant and healthy technopreneurial ecosystem in Malaysia. For more information about exhibition and sponsorship opportunity, kindly contact us at 03-8311 9605 or email to [email protected] We are always waiting for your message.


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